Steph’s Top Live Music Moments of 2012

For me, 2012 may be just as memorable for its live shows than for the music itself. Then again, that’s the way it should be, right? Music is about the experience — physical, mental, and emotional — and that experience can be multiplied tenfold in a live setting — if the artist is good enough, that is. So, as a way to remember these good times, I’ve tracked my top live music moments of 2012. Enjoy the show!

Fiona Apple, Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Tex.
Fiona Apple, Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Tex.

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Julian’s Top Music Moments of 2012

My most memorable and heartfelt moment occurred watching New Order in Oakland. The members of New Order are all beyond 50 and no longer even making new music yet they still pack quite a punch. New bands seemed to have stepped aside for the older and more established bands like New Order, Refused, Blur, and more that continue to dominate the live circuit. However, newer bands like the Babies, Youth Lagoon, The Drums offer hope if they aim higher and strive for more. I have outlined my top moments, all from live shows, from this past year.

New Order strike a pensive pose.

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