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Lava & Lakes of Bend, Oregon

The area around Bend in Central Oregon, is filled with glistening lakes, majestic mountains, and stunning remnants of extinct volcanoes. Big & Small have been exploring the small mountain town of Bend, Oregon, and all of its surroundings. Check out our video as we explore the Cascade Lakes and Lava Butte!

One of our favorite hikes so far has been a steady climb up Lava Butte, a once-active volcanic area that now looks like the surface of the moon. In fact, it’s been a training ground for astronauts preparing for their first lunar walk. Here are some pics from the Cascade Lakes and Lava Butte — two must-see spots in Central Oregon.

Get a peek of the turquoise-colored Devils Lake, a stone’s throw away from Mt. Bachelor near Bend, and Lava Butte, a cinder cone that belongs to a small area of the once-massive Newberry Volcano located between the towns of Bend and Sunriver.

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Watch Big & Small in Central Oregon near Bend at Mount Bachelor during the winter:


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