Montenegro: Is It Worth Visiting?

budva montenegro view

Montenegro is a Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline. As the Balkans become a focal point for adventure travelers, Montenegro is already a popular spot.

Montenegro got its name meaning “Black Mountain” from the Venetians, who were inspired by the dark mountains and forests all over the country. Montenegro is a place full of sun, beauty, and over 290 km of coastline.

One fascinating thing about Montenegro is how small this country is. There are less than 700,000 residents in all of Montenegro, but it sees more than one million tourists every year.

So, is it worth being one of those one million? Watch our video above to see what we did in Montenegro and if we think it’s worth a visit.

Here’s a sneak peek with snapshots from Bar, Budva, and Kotor:

10 Best Things to Do in Montenegro

1. Visit Bar

This is still an up-and-coming town with a laidback feel. You’ll see more locals than tourists, so you can see a little more of the “real” Montenegro.

2. Walk to the Old Town of Bar

Stari Bar is the old town of Bar and its full of historic remnants from the Ottoman Empire, Venetians, and more.

3. Visit Budva

Budva is the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. It’s a seaside city, with beaches, bars, and an old town.

4. Explore Historic Budva

Stari Grad (meaning “Old Town”) is the cozy and walkable old town filled with restaurants and shops. Walk along the sea to get a shot with the famous “Yoga Girl” statue.

5. Walk the Old Budva City Walls

See Old Budva from a slightly higher perspective by walking along the city walls.

6. Visit Kotor

Kotor is a fortified town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast that is full of windy streets, hillside hikes, and plenty of history.

7. Eat at Cesarica Restaurant in Kotor

This hidden gem offers a chance to indulge in the fresh, local seafood. See exactly what to order in our video!

8. Enjoy the Views at Vista Vidikovac

You’ll need to walk uphill, but it’s all worth it as this cafe that offers stunning views above in the hills of Budva.

9. Visit Skadar Lake

Take a trip to the biggest lake in the Balkans (the other side is in Albania). It’s an easy trip from Bar.

10. Drink Rakija

Every part of the Balkans has a different type of rakija, typically made with local fruits. Have a shot or two with the locals!

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