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PhotoPhiles Volume III: The Santorini Edition

The beauty of Santorini!
Pristine whites against breathtaking blues on the majestic island of Santorini.

PhotoPhiles is a recurring feature spotlighting some of our favorite photos taken on and off the road. In this third edition, we welcome you to the fantastical Greek island of Santorini, well-known to many as one of the most stunning and romantic places on Earth. Only with divine destruction could such surreal beauty emerge. The small island’s literal earth-shattering origins are a constant reminder as one walks, scoots, or ATVs along the jagged edges of the caldera. No, pictures don’t even come close to doing this land justice, but we’re willing to at least give it a try…

Handstand Steph ventures to the edge of paradise along the Fira-Oia path. We hiked through Firà, Firostefáni and Imerovígli, tracing the caldera and taking in incredible views every step of the way.
Cafe view in Oia had JCrew in disbelief and bliss.
JCrew enjoys a mighty cup of brew, a perfect complement to Oia’s ridiculous views.
This is where the 9km walk really turns into a hike, with near desert-like conditions. Bring water!
A thin slice of land topped with cream and sandwiched between endless serenity.
Red Beach, Santorini Salute!
JCrew shows his respect for the blazing beauty of Santorini’s Red Beach.
No, this isn’t a funky cottage with amazing style — it’s part of a church near Red Beach in Akrotiri.
Handstand Steph salutes the windmill and shows off her skills on the steps leading to Amoudi Bay
Classic Santorini, sunhat and all.
Sanotrini as it is today comes from a volcanic eruption.
A constant reminder of Santorini’s volcanic roots is forever burned into the ground.
The style of Santorini
Little white boxes stacked atop the vibrant town of Fira.
Sanotini Garbage collection!
Garbage collection, Oia-style. The donkey was not as amused as we were…
Bruiser, aka our ATV rental, posing in front of Aghios Artemios Traditional Houses, a cave hotel showcasing Cycladic architecture. The church, the only on the island with a light blue dome, dates back to the 15th century.


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