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PhotoPhiles, Vol. I

PhotoPhiles will be a recurring feature spotlighting some of our favorite photos taken on and off the road. The first edition includes shots taken in Idaho, San Francisco, Panama, and Joshua Tree.

Perrine Bridge in Idaho – You can base jump off this bridge but you can’t
bungee jump?! Does this make sense? No!!

Joshua Tree: The sounds of silence. A nightmare or fantasy?
Ocean Beach, SF: Man, left-hand side, saluting and praying to the Pacific, hoping
for warmer weather and fewer flakes in the Bay.
Casco Viejo, Panama City: Steph, aka the Handstand Queen, caught gallivanting around the
historic part of Panama looking for Seco Herrerano.
Banksy in SF: The essence of freedom of speech.

1 thought on “PhotoPhiles, Vol. I”

  1. JCrew, nice pictures! I don’t know why, but the bridge in the first picture reminded me of a scene from Blood Diamond when they were crossing the bridge. Thanks for sharing and glad to connect with you two!

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