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Videos from Tokyo and Kamakura, Japan

Big & Small Travel are in Japan! Here’s what you’ll see in our first few videos shot in Tokyo and the nearby coastal town of Kamakura:

  1. Big purifies his hands and mouth at Kaneiji Temple in Ueno Park in Tokyo.
  2. Small samples matcha treats at Senso-Ji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo.
  3. Spectacular images of the Great Buddha in Kamakura, a breathtaking bronze statue that’s even survived an earthquake and tsunami!
  4. The madness and glitz of Shinjuku and Shibuya in the heart of Tokyo.
  5. Some of the silliness and cuteness that we love about Tokyo.

Check out our videos so far: This first one has us sampling squishy treats, visiting historical temples, and meeting the Great Buddha of Kamakura. The second video is the busiest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo! Catch more updates at Big & Small Instagram and Big & Small Twitter.


5 thoughts on “Videos from Tokyo and Kamakura, Japan”

    1. Ha! It was slimy and odd, but worthwhile. And, it was free to do. Japan is a mesmerizing place. We are looking forward to Kyoto/Osaka in the next week.

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