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Video Update: Beppu and Wakayama, Japan

After the hectic pace of Tokyo, Big and Small made our way down to the southern island of Kyushu to enjoy the relaxing onsen life in the hot spring town of Beppu. Here’s a quick recap of our time exploring the hells and hot springs:

From Beppu, we headed back north to the island of Honshu to take in the quiet and stunning coastline of Gobo and Shirasaki in Wakayama Prefecture. We spent over two weeks in the area, running, biking, walking along the untamed black sand beach, touring Gobo’s Dodo-ji Temple, and getting our fill of an excellent Italian-style ramen at Ramen Birdman. Here’s a short video of our adventures in Wakayama:

6 thoughts on “Video Update: Beppu and Wakayama, Japan”

  1. Thanks for your comments and your short video reminds me of my trip to Beppu and Shirasaki 🙂 I was only 2 days in Shirasaki and one week in Beppu.
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      1. In, you can install plug-ins and you can upload photo & videos as much as you want. But you have to find hosting server to use I think these are the big difference between them. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video. A long time ago (or so it seems) when living in Wakayama Prefecture, I had a friend who lived in Gobo. I stayed over at his place to help him film a video (no selfies or selfie sticks in those days–and the cameras were still pretty large). We woke early, after staying up late making daiquiris, and hung out on the beach.
    Don’t know why I am explaining this, other than to say that it brought back a memory.

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